woensdag 20 juli 2011

holiday preparations

It's almost holiday time. In stead of driving in two days to Italy, France or Sweden, we will have our holidays at the Dutch coast.

I love trailers, especially oldtimers, but, after having had two beautiful oldtimer trailers (the first one too small for one kid, the second one, too small for two kids) and a Scandinavian trailer tent (not so pleasant during two weeks of rain), we now have a kind of (ugly, but comfortable) shoe box, called Deseo.

Our trailers and tent trailer

we are now the lucky owners of this shoebox (it's not us on the picture)

In my opinion, the sad thing about almost all trailers is the inside of it. I still don't understand why? So now I'm busy turning this shoe box into a nice place to stay. 

how it was

If I had plenty of time I would paint everything, but unfortunately I don't have that time. So I first took away all those ugly curtains (sorry trailer interior designers) and by adding some Kitsch Kitchen plastic carpets, pillows, plaids and a colourful table ware from the English brand French Bull, Hema and Rice, I will feel comfortable enough for the coming two weeks.

some recycled plastic from Senegal

plastic carpets


Kitsch kitchen tableware
French Bull, Rice and Hema for eating and drinking

My sons Ice Bat XL Ugly doll
Anyway I hope for good weather and take all those things outside to the beach for picnics in the sunset and last but not least, I will also bring my Picnica bunny tote bag.

available at Knuffels à la carte

maandag 18 juli 2011

Where is Melanies Masker?

Two years ago I discovered a beautiful Danish webshop called 'Melanies masker' A Danish brand with handmade retro style clothes for kids. I don't know what happened to that online shop but it disappeared? I directly fell in love with the beautiful illustrations moving on piano and harmonica music. Luckily I still have some screenprints of some of the illustrations, but unfortunately I can't show you how it really was.

It seems the brand still exists, because I found some shops selling clothes of Melanies Masker, but what happened to that shop? 

vrijdag 15 juli 2011

Summer Holiday offer - free shipment

Summer holiday greetings!

Knuffels à la carte is offering free shipment until July 17th. This offer is valid for letter box mail and mail with DHL within the Netherlands.  

donderdag 14 juli 2011

Pick of the day 35% discount (only today)

Today’s pick of the day at Babyccino Kids is Popje from Dutch label Kidsonroof. Popje is the cutest little doll I have ever seen. She is handmade of beautiful vintage fabric remnants, which makes each doll unique and one of a kind. With her embroidered face she’s really adorable. She comes in a small box, decorated with flowers. Popje is a perfect baby gift, but she is also a favourite with little girls and adults.

At Knuffels a la carte we sell Popje Cat and Popje Rabbit, both in two different sizes (small 15 cm and large 20 cm).

To celebrate Popjes pick of the day we have a one day discount of 35% on all Popje Doll’s. This is your chance to get one.

woensdag 13 juli 2011

Why not sending your cuddle on a trip to Paris?

I love Paris. Many years ago, I lived for two years in this beautiful and inspiring city and I hope to visit it again soon. While doing some research, I discovered Furry Toys Tours. Furry Toys Tours makes it possible to send your favourite cuddle on a trip to Paris

Inspired by the movie Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain, Furry Toys Tours takes your favourite cuddle around the city and photographs it in front of famous Paris sightings. There are different city tours to choose from. While your beloved cuddle enjoys her/his city trip you receive daily updates by mail with photos. At the end of the trip, you get 30 photo’s, a little souvenir of Paris and a travel certificate.

Nathalie Lété postcard available at Paumes.com

What I personally miss is a shopping tour around all those hidden secret places in Paris. So I decided, in stead of spending € 100 for this tour, to buy the Paumes edition Souvenirs of Paris, learn some Japanese and visit Paris in the near future. Of course with one of the cuddles in the shop.

dinsdag 12 juli 2011

Giant knitted bunny

This year we will not visit Italy for our holidays. Otherwise we would climb and relax on this giant knitted pink bunny in the Mountains of Piemonte (Colleto Fava). But no problem, time enough, the rabbit will stay there until 2025. The bunny is about 60 meters and a creation of the Viennese art group 'Gelitin'. It's made of pink wool and knitted by a dozen of grandmothers in five years time.

zaterdag 9 juli 2011

I am a fan of Fifi Lapin

Today I bought this Fifi Lapin Book on Amazon.uk (second hand).

Fifi Lapin is the most stylish bunny ever. If there was a Fifi Lapin cuddle I would definitely sell her in my shop 

Just follow Fifi lapin’s blog and see how adorable she looks in all those different designer outfits. I am a fan.
Fifi in Anna Sui

Model in Anna Sui

woensdag 6 juli 2011

Babyccino Kids

Knuffels à la carte is proud to be listed at Babyccino Kids boutiques homepage and shopping page(under toys). It’s great to see that many visitors from around the world now find their way to our shop.